think about these things when you’re making a fictional place; even a developed city has its roots in how easy it was to settle in the first place!


I’m so fucking mad I never got into a fight in high school, we literally have a place called The Pit.

I wanted a chance to say ‘meet me in the pit’ unironically.

Fuck it, I’ll meet you in the pit, I’ll meet anyone in the pit, I’ll meet myself in the pit. Let’s fuckin go.

Anonymous: I refer to PewDiePie as the Overused Midas: Everything he touches instantly becomes an outdated meme.




Western onlookers have a very firm notion of the trajectory along which LGBTQ rights should advance. That trajectory places trans rights as a clear “next step,” something that can only be achieved once the groundwork has been laid by the advancement of the “L,” “G,” and perhaps “B” contingencies (representing lesbian, gay, and bisexual, respectively). But the Lebanese courts are not following that trajectory. The same ruling that decriminalized homosexuality also formally recognized gender variation and codified principles of self-identification. This nuanced view of the interplay between sexuality and gender identification doesn’t fit with the traditional (Western) “gay rights” narrative, and has resulted in Western media coverage that almost completely silences the critical role a transwoman played in achieving this landmark ruling.

Proclaiming Lebanon’s ruling as merely a “victory for gays” is not only an insult to the trans issues underpinning the ruling, but also whitewashes the Lebanese LGBTQ movement, painting it with strokes more easily digestible by Western consumers. The Lebanese case was not and is not merely a “victories for gays” – it is a nuanced and praise-worthy assessment of gender variance. While critics have commented that the ruling falls short of tangible “rights” for gays, in many ways it also far surpasses mainstream Western understandings of gender identity. And this deserves some press.


I really really hope this isn’t real… But I got a little curious and was appalled by the results. I just… I don’t know what I’d do if I met a person this hateful.

racist: bLACK PERSON?
racist: but... maleficent is set in medieval eUROPE????
racist: hooWWW??
racist: HISTORICAL ACCURACY!!!!!!!!!!!1 REALISM!!!!!!!
racist: ...
racist: the dragon made sense though


british person: wot is ur fauvourouriute coulourur? x
me: chill


it’s funny because they’re both about slamming