i really wish “i forgot” could be treated as a legitimate excuse. for a lot of disabled people, it isn’t a testament of being uncaring or lazy - it’s a genuine expression of remorse.


to all the carnists who say going vegan is “too expensive:” i just got back from scavenging the dumpsters behind whole foods and found
one ripped dishwashing glove (repaired with duct tape)
two used duracell batteries
the key to a volvo
a losing lottery ticket from last night’s mega millions drawing


to all the carnists who say going vegan is “too expensive:” i just got back from scavenging the dumpsters behind whole foods and found

  • one ripped dishwashing glove (repaired with duct tape)
  • two used duracell batteries
  • the key to a volvo
  • a losing lottery ticket from last night’s mega millions drawing




tell me im cute then fuck me

I will not. I will tell you that you are beautiful. Then i will take you to the park and we will have an amazing time and mabe stare into eachothers eyes and kiss for a while. Mabe we will take some time and stare at the clouds while we hold eachothers hands. And then whem it starts to get late, ill take you home and wish you good night as I kiss your forehead amd say, “I cant wait to see you tomorrow.”


“It’s not my job to educate you” & “Explain it NICELY”


This phrase (It’s not my job) gets thrown around, attacked and demeaned pretty often. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve seen posts where I explain that part of the reason this phrase is used is because people often want the education from A) a person who: doesn’t want to/shouldn’t have to/never offered to give it or B) from someone they’ve just finished insulting and/or being bigoted towards.

In previous posts, I mentioned that part of the issue is that there ARE people who will answer your questions and explain things to you. The idea that you EXPECT this from any random person, specifically, a person who is upset with you because of something you’ve done to hurt them, is very telling of your aggrandized self view.  As well as how little you think of the person you’re demanding the education from.

What you should know, is that there is more to the story. 

Much of the disgust by people who’re being told they should just “Explain” or they should “Nicely tell the person blah blah blah” or even that they should “Educate so the person can understand” comes from the fact that the person being hurt and being MADE to educate has ALWAYS been in the position to explain, be nice and smile and dance for the person/people who have just put them down, stepped on or belittled them. 

Many people, genuinely believe, that if they’re “Polite” about something they’ve said, a question they’ve asked, you should be happy and willing to answer the question. That almost sounds reasonable doesn’t it? Now consider this, the “Polite” question they’re talking about is racist as hell. So-They don’t know it’s racist. Okay, fine. Let’s say I believe this. The very idea that they EXPECT an answer to a racist question, one they may or may not have known was racist, is considered PERFECTLY REASONABLE? Why? Okay, you didn’t “Mean” to say something racist. But if you did say something racist, why is it now the person who you were racist toward’s “Job” to “Nicely explain” things to you? 

This would be somewhat reasonable if and only if there were no other outlets to get your questions answered but there are many. No, not many. MILLIONS. Why does the person, the specific person that you’ve just insulted have to be the ONE and only ONE to “Nicely explain” your bigotry to you? That demand is unreasonable, hateful, ignorant, mean and abusive. 

In addition to all of this, you’ve first been bigoted, then you’ve demanded an education but not just any education. A “Nice” education. A “Calm” education.  A “Pretty” education. One that uses only the words you deem acceptable. Words that won’t ruffle your delicate sensibilities. 

You gave no concern for the person you’ve hurt with your racism but you demand that they show YOU concern when they explain to you the ABC’s of humanity.

So-You give bigoted insults, then show how little you think of the person by continuing to insult them by demanding an explanation, then you demand that when they give you the education, they only use the sweet and kindly words you’ve chosen…

You’ve made it clear that you have ZERO respect for this person as a human being. You’ve made it clear that you don’t care about their emotional well being, their time and in some cases, even their physical well being. You’ve put yourself above them in every way. Yet…you want more. You demand more. You continue to insult them if they don’t give you more. Right that second. Right when you ask.

We’ve all dealt with people like you all of our lives. You don’t want an explanation. You want to continue stepping on the same people you’ve always stepped on. A person who demands an explanation as to why the person they’ve just shot is bleeding, FROM the person they’ve just shot, isn’t looking for understanding. They’re looking for a loop hole. A small piece of ammunition that would make what they’ve just done okay. Those of us who have to deal with people like you all day, every day KNOW you when we see you. We know that if we make the mistake of “Nicely explaining” your reaction will NOT be understanding, discourse or even concern. It will be to search, desperately search for any hole, even the smallest opening where you can stick your foot in and say, “Oh yeah well if that’s the case then blah blah blah.” 

Yet, you don’t understand why people keep telling you it’s not their job to educate you. Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s because you’re a no account, good for nothing, malicious bigot. Nobody owes you shit.

FCKH8 Continues To Be Awful, Demands An Apology & Accuses Colorlines Of Being Homophobic


FCKH8 posted a statement on their blog yesterday in response to the Colorlines article that questioned the motives of their “I’m over racism” t-shirt and viral video. If you’re not caught up, here’s a rundown of how this whole thing started.

The post is of course, predictably defensive, patronizing and awful. There’s really too much to parse, but here are some of my “favorite” highlights. And by favorite, I mean eye-roll inducing. 


"Shame on you…. Colorlines, Race Forward & Aura Bogado. Click-baiting, Race-baiting, Homophobia, Minimizing Ferguson Residents, Trivializing Breast Cancer Awareness Efforts & Distorting Facts to Get Views & Donations."

Uh. What? This is rich, a FOR PROFIT COMPANY is accusing an anti-racism non-profit organization of race baiting for donations?! This from the company that has not once spoken about anti-racism until Ferguson (way genuine!), and their contribution is….t-shirts and a $5 donation. Let’s also not forget their usage of the sassy black woman stereotype to promote marriage equality in addition to really gross memes featuring Native Americans. Way to promote anti-racism folks! 

"We’ve received literally thousands of racist comments, e-mails, phone messages and live-chat notes from racist white people in reaction to these Ferguson kids speaking out. If you like the N-word, you have to read our inbox.”

OMG ya’ll! They stood up for us black folk and now racist people are sending the n-word to their inbox!? This. Is. Unfathomable. I’d bet a day in their inbox is equal to a lifetime of actually being black. Now I feel TERRIBLE. Racism sucks ya’ll. Send those people a t-shirt. Stat!

ps. when dealing with racist hate mail, filters are your friends. I speak from experience ;) 

"With all the hate from racists that has been directed at these kids and at us, one of the most troubling sources has been a blogger named Aura Bogado at Colorlines, a blog put out by an organization you’d expect to be an ally called Race Forward. The blogger continues to fabricate controversy by saying, “, has made a name for itself selling what it calls ‘LGBT Equality Gear.’” We’re not sure if mocking “LGBT Equality Gear” by placing it in quotes as if it is not real and legitimate is simply old-fashioned underhanded homophobia and trivialization but it looks like it.”

In case you’re unclear, critique from the community you claim to support is on the same level as ACTUAL HATE SPEECH from racists.  And using quotes when….quoting an organization’s slogan is “underhanded homophobia”. (sorry for the quotes, promise I’m not a homophobe) Got it! 

"This video was our collective effort to make a statement out of grief and pain and turn it into something positive, that challenges people to face race and say, like the T-shirt says, “Racism Is Not Over. But I’m Over Racism.” Was the video director a white guy? Yes. He’s directed videos on social issues which have received millions of views and we’d prefer that the video and message from the participating Ferguson families and kids be judged on the content of its character and not the color of the skin of the director who pitched in to help make it.”

"Judged on the content of it’s character and not the color of the skin of the director" (FYI I’m using quotes because I’m quoting FCKH8, not because I’m homophobic)….Why does that sound familiar? Oh! I know! That’s a hat tip to MLK! Totally see what you did there. Love it when people drop the ONE line they know from that ONE MLK speech they know to show how progressive and not racist they are. And don’t worry, I’m not judging the kids who are unnamed or credited in the video, on your website or in the video description box. They’re adorable.

"Perhaps one of the most unsettling parts of this click-baiting blog post beside trivializing Ferguson kids, is the deliberate use of a screen grab of the only white person to appear in the entire video. This image is employed to misrepresent the heartfelt effort of 7 black cast members speaking out, a black producer, a black and Latino co-writer and a black editor. Is this race-baiting for attention? Out of a cast of 8 people, 7 of which are black, this photo seems to have been chosen with the devious intention to race-bait and drum up justified resentment of how many whites treat and marginalize blacks and other POCs, all to gain attention and be sensational. Using race in this way is disingenuous, offensive and reduces the voices of both the local children in front of the camera and the people behind the camera."

Wait. There were black people involved in this project!? Well that changes everything. As we all know, black people are a monolith, so if a few co-sign a project, then we all have to agree with it. Oh, and thanks for throwing in a photo of a black guy holding a sign to support FCKH8’s call for an apology. That really drives the point home. I suggest we talk about this at the next national monthly black people meeting and hug it out. 

If you need more evidence that FCKH8 is awful, this blog details the numerous times they’ve stolen content from LGBT artists, promoted stereotypes, been transphobic in addition to being racist and speaking down to the very communities they claim to support. Just remember, these are the folks that are demanding an apology.



If you claim to be an activist and say “it’s not my job to educate you” then you’re a pretty terrible activist. the point of activism is to advocate for your cause, spread information and try to get people to understand your goals. If you refuse to even help people understand, then you’re a pretty terrible activist and will probably turn people off of your cause.

Not everyone you meet who is marginalized is an activist. Like everyone else, marginalized people would like to live first, and take care of themselves first, because otherwise how else can they do anything?

Even if the person is an activist, activists need downtime, as well, because they’re people. What, an activist is supposed to be on the clock 24 × 7 or else they’re a terrible activist? You can’t tell me that’s right. Activists aren’t there to serve you. Are activists measured by customer satisfaction now?

Is that what your education has become, the consumption of a product, proffered by ever-smiling, ever-patient, ever-understanding subalterns who can tailor the message they’re supposed to give to your comfort, to give you enough space to grow and yet not alienate you?

Or else what? You won’t do anything about it? You’ll continue being complicit? You’ll continue abusing people? You’ll continue being silent? You’ll continue blaming the victim? You’ll continue perpetuating injustice?

You can see how this is problematic?

You can’t? Well, it’s not my job to provide you with the empathy to understand the internal workings of another person. You should have picked up that shit when you were a toddler, and if you didn’t, I don’t know what else I can do for you.


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Alright, Pinhead. Yer time is up.


Alright, Pinhead. Yer time is up.


Who are ya callin’ “Pinhead”?


Who are ya callin’ “Pinhead”?




my strongest memes would kill you. you can’t handle my strongest memes

meme seller, i am telling you that i intend to comment on reddit. i can have nothing less than your strongest memes

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